Friday, 29 July 2011

Felicitations Cadel!!!!!!

Ahhhh yes.  Finally, after being so close for so long, Cadel was finally able to mount the top step of the podium at the conclusion of Le Grande Boucle.  Plenty has been said and written about Cadel and this years edition of the TDF, so rather than continue to repeat it all again, let me just say CONGRATULATIONS CADEL - you are a bloody legend!!!

It is also due to Cadel (as well as some work and study commitments) that this weeks update is so late.  The weeks started VERY slowly after 4 very big nights late last week, sitting up until the wee hours to watch all the boys fight it out.  It was awesome to see them all going head to head through the alps and even better, seeing Cadel match, and beat them.  Of course, the highlight of the tour for me was the individual TT on the penultimate day.  That was the stage that Cadel was confirmed as this years winner.  Prior to him starting his TT, he looked cool and calm and happy.  You just knew he had this one in the bag.  He was full of confidence and it just oozed out of him.  Was an awesome sight.

Of course, we also need to thank Cadel's 8 team mates.  They have done a superb job getting Cadel through to Paris and it is fantastic to him surrounded by such a great team.

Unfortunately, not all is good in the world and I was as shocked as everyone else to read about the tragedy in Norway when Anders Behring Breivik deliberately and shockingly went on his killing spree affecting the lives of untold numbers of people, both directly and indirectly.  I'll not comment anymore on the animal who is responsible for this, however I will say, for what it is worth, that the people of Norway are in the thoughts of many millions of people worldwide, including myself.

Closer to home, further tragedy was unfolding when late last Friday afternoon (22 July), professional athlete John Cornish was struck and killed whilst out on a training ride on Beach Road.  John was extremely well known in triathlon circles and was heavily involved with the crew from Tri Alliance.  I only had the opportunity to meet John once or twice and he seemed like a vivacious, happy fella.  My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this tragic time.

Given my very busy week, and subsequent delays this update is only going to be a brief one.  Not really too much of a concern given that the week was to be a recovery week on the back of the Run Melbourne Half marathon.

The week started with some recovery time in the spa's at the gym on Monday evening.  This was much needed given that I'd had a myotherapy session earlier in the day and Mistress Monique did her best to rough up any of the very few spots that weren't sore!

Tuesday was another sleep in.  I wasn't really tired from the run on Sunday, but the TDF was killing me LOL. I was actually sorer Tuesday than I was the day before and after getting home from work, I mounted the wind trainer for a nice, gentle 40min rollover of the legs to try and flush some of the junk out.

Wednesday, evening of course as it has been too hard to get up early after TDF watching, was a very slow 5km on the treadmill - the first run since the half mara.  It was completed at a very sedate pace of 6min/km, for a total of 35mins with a bit of a cool down.

Thursday (evening again lol) was a repeat of the day before pretty much, with a run / walk session totalling 6km over 40 mins.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were, cough, rest days due to a combination of TDF and having the kids for the weekend.  This did leave plenty of time to devote to watching Cadel create history..........and of course, have plenty of time to contribute to the numerous discussions floating around Transitions!

Unfortunately, after the celebrations of Sunday night, it was a late start on Monday and after rushing out the door I realised that i had neglected to jump on the scales for the Monday morning weigh in.  This is probably a good thing to be honest, as the compulsory viewing also meant compulsory snacks and there was plenty of munching late at night to ensure I stayed awake for all the important bits.  Next weeks weigh in will be telling........

So, in brief, the (recovery) weeks training was:

Tuesday              Bike (Wind Trainer) Approx 20km, 40 mins
Wednesday        Run (treadmill) 5km, total 35mins inc warmdown
Thursday            Run / walk 6km, total 40mins

A bit sad really...........

So that's it for this week.  Short but sweet.  I promise to do better next week!

Just finally in signing off, I just wanted to share the following photo and again say Congratulations Cadel!!!

You Bloody Beauty Cadel!

Train safe

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